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Amalia Moreno-Damgaard of amalia llc

Our food attitude determines who we are, literally.

Every time a new diet comes around, I think about the bounty the Latin diet has to offer.  In it, there are plenty of choices for everyone, from people with food intolerances and allergies and aversions and vegetarians, to others observing special diets due to illness or to achieve weight loss.

Latin (and many other world cuisines) food is ancient.  Way before colonization, cookery emerged out of need while taking advantage of the gifts of the land.  These foods were rustic and somewhat wholesome in nature and embraced what the times and mother earth offered with a minor interruption from humans.  Fusion began back then and it continues to transform gastronomy globally. A higher awareness about the potential benefits of food and trends suggest that we make smarter food choices while statistics persistently show chronic disease. Something is definitely amiss.

One thing is certain, fresh, unprocessed, and wholesome food will always be in vogue, no matter what the new wave or trend is, and eating healthy will reign for eternity.  The healthy food is there, more than ever, and we just have to make an educated and conscious effort to find it.  Changing behaviors is the challenge.  Finding the right approach is essential.  Tweaking one’s diet toward adopting a healthier lifestyle is easier than adopting a whole new way of life, or it does not stick.

Cultural traits are deeply ingrained within communities and a culturally relevant strategy might be the key.

About Amalia

Amalia Moreno-Damgaard is an award-winning author and chef born and raised in Guatemala City with a prior career in international banking.  Amalia creates awareness about Latin culture’s nuances and educates individuals and companies through consulting, bilingual speaking and writing, and healthy culinary experiences. Her book Amalia’s Guatemalan Kitchen-Gourmet cuisine with a Cultural Flair is a nine-time award winner and best seller. Learn more about Amalia and her upcoming events at

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