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Creating Cultural Awareness and Culinary Experiences

Amalia, a distinguished professional speaker and National Speakers Association Minnesota Academy graduate, brings a unique blend of culinary expertise and cultural insights to captivate audiences. Elevate your events with tailored keynotes, commencement speeches, and speaking-cooking presentations that not only inspire and motivate but also foster cultural appreciation.

Extend the experience beyond words – book Amalia for food and wine encounters or engaging book signings following a transformative speaking session. Position your event for success by inviting Amalia to inspire and create memorable moments of cultural awareness and culinary exploration.

Amalia is a keynote speaker for:

  • Fortune 100-500 companies 
  • Nonprofit galas emcee
  • Colleges and universities
  • Professional organizations 

Amalia’s speaking topics include:

Savoring Diversity: A Culinary Journey to Enhance Cultural Awareness

  • This topic revolves around the immersive experience that Amalia offers, combining culinary expertise, engaging storytelling, and cultural insights to create a profound impact. Amalia can guide audiences through a virtual or live culinary journey, exploring the diverse flavors, traditions, and stories that different cuisines bring. The presentation can emphasize the power of food in fostering cultural appreciation, breaking down barriers, and promoting understanding. Amalia’s expertise as a best-selling author and entrepreneur adds depth to the discussion, making it a flavorful exploration of the intersection between food, culture, and inspiration.

Sabor y Tradición: Exploring the Richness of Hispanic Heritage Through Culinary Narratives

  • Amalia explores the diverse flavors, traditions, and stories embedded in Latin cuisine, highlighting the historical and cultural roots that contribute to the vibrant Hispanic heritage. The presentation can showcase specific dishes, cooking techniques, and the importance of preserving and celebrating culinary traditions as a way of honoring and sharing the richness of Hispanic culture during this special month.

Culinary Appropriation vs. Appreciation: Navigating the Thin Line in Cultural Experiences

  • This topic explores the controversial and nuanced discussions surrounding the appropriation and appreciation of culinary traditions. Amalia can delve into how the intersection of food and culture can sometimes lead to appropriation, emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting the roots of diverse cuisines. The presentation can address questions of authenticity, the impact of globalization on culinary practices, and the responsibility of chefs and food enthusiasts in navigating this complex terrain. By sparking a conversation around these controversial aspects, Amalia can offer thought-provoking insights that challenge conventional perspectives on cultural appreciation in the culinary world.

Amalia’s recent keynotes include:

  • National Association of Women Business Owners President Address, Achieve Awards and Hall of Fame Gala, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • National Association of Women Business Owners President Address, Achieve Awards, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Cocina Sabrosa Expo, Moderator “Mesa Redonda: Exploring Latin American Cuisine’s Emerging Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry” Moderator, Irving, Texas
  • Cocina Sabrosa Expo,” From the Table Server to Table Setter”: A Culinary Journey of Career Transition, Entrepreneurship, and Self-Realization”, Irving, Texas
  • 3M, “We Are All Human Midwest Hispanic Summit”, Hispanic Heritage Month community and partnership-building strategies, Minneapolis
  • The International School of Minnesota (ISM), the Graduation speaker for the class of 2023
  • The Risen Christ Catholic School Gala 2022 Emcee at the InterContinental Hotel: MSP-Airport
  • SOPHOS, book launch presentations, Guatemala City
  • LatinoLEAD’s LiderCON, the inaugural annual conference, Minneapolis, Latinx Entrepreneurship: An Economic Force in the United States
  • Medtronic, Hispanic Heritage Month presentation
  • Carleton College convocation address
  • Fitch Ratings, New York, virtual career speech and culinary presentation
  • RBC Wealth Management, Hispanic Heritage Month presentation
  • Association of Corporate Growth (ACG), AIM: a Women’s Leadership Conference
  • General Mills Women in Marketing Annual Conference, Minneapolis
  • ECOLAB – HACER Network, Hispanic Heritage Month cultural culinary presentation
  • Collegiate DECA Minnesota Association Fall Conference
  • Prudential Insurance Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration
  • Land O’Lakes Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration
  • The University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) Entrepreneurship Conference Association of Latino Professionals
  • Boston Scientific, Hispanic Heritage Month presentations
  • US Bank, Hispanic Heritage Month presentations
  • Federal Reserve Bank Minneapolis in partnership with ALPFA
  • Target, Hispanic Heritage Month presentations
  • Super Bowl LII Super Snack Challenge Speaker and Chef-Judge
  • Wells Fargo, Hispanic Heritage Month presentations
  • Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Conference-MN Speaker and Chef-Judge
  • Rock What You Got Women’s Expo Minneapolis, speaker, and panel moderator
  • The World of the Latino Cuisine, New Jersey and Las Vegas

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