Amalia creates awareness about Latin cultural nuances through consulting, speaking, healthy cooking experiences, and writing.

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Enjoy fresh, simple, and authentic Guatemalan cuisine - right from your own kitchen!

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Consulting & Speaking

Amalia specializes in consulting and speaking based on Latin cuisine and culture.

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Amalia offers gourmet healthy cooking experiences on-site for companies and private groups.

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About Amalia

Amalia Moreno-Damgaard is an internationally recognized, award-winning-bestselling author and chef, and seasoned entrepreneur. She provides individuals and companies with a taste and understanding of Latin culture through healthy gourmet cuisine and culture education. Amalia shares her passion through consulting, speaking engagements, writing, and cooking experiences. Her first book, “Amalia’s Guatemalan Kitchen, Gourmet Cuisine with a Cultural Flair,” has won nine international awards, including the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Foreign Cuisine Book USA. She is now working on her second book.

At the core, Amalia’s style is fresh, practical, healthy, and proudly Latin American – blending pre-Columbian and classic French techniques with her Mayan-Spanish roots. Amalia’s education and experience from her upbringing in Guatemala, as well as her professional formation and practice in the United States, provides her a distinctive approach to Latin culture and cuisine. Through years of training and growth, she adopted her own unique style, fusing Latin flavors with a variety of the influences she received throughout her life, from the most rustic to the refined, and has created and developed new fresh and modern concepts along the way. Amalia is continuously learning and striving to reach new culinary heights through research and development of new trends and studying food anthropology. Amalia’s cooking is intuitive and linked to her creative persona and artistic style.


To bridge the knowledge gap of Latin American culture in the United States through healthy gourmet cuisine and culture education that leads to a better understanding and appreciation of Latin cultures’ nuances through consulting, bilingual speaking and writing, and fun cooking experiences.